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Why is DOT Changing the Rules?
If Safety Has Improved Under The Current Rules,
Why Change Them???

By further restricting driving and work time, the Obama Administration will be simply supporting organized labor’s effort to swell its ranks by forcing inefficiencies on the trucking industry which would force motor carriers to hire more drivers to haul the same amount of freight – drivers who the Teamsters would hope some day to organize.

Was There A Backroom Deal?

Some Washington insiders have speculated that the Obama Administration cut a backroom deal with the Teamsters to rewrite the hours of service rules. Click here for the story.

The Timing of the Teamster Settlement Agreement Seemed Odd

The timing of the Teamster settlement agreement seemed to correspond to the Senate confirmation of FMCSA Administrator Ferro. Did the Obama Administration make a trade? Decide for yourself: review the nomination process timeline here.

How Does DOT Attempt to Justify These Proposed Changes?

Since a reduction in driving/working hours won’t generate a material safety benefit, FMCSA was hard pressed to find a way to justify the loss in productivity and resulting economic impact of the proposed changes. As a result, they developed a “creative” justification.

FMCSA’s claim: Fewer working hours will result in greater driver longevity, the monetized value of which will help offset the financial impact of lost productivity.

Secretary LaHood says drivers live shorter lives because they don’t have enough time each day to exercise and eat right.

CDC says that the longevity figures DOT has been citing are false.

“To the extent there is an orchestrated effort to reduce driver productivity; it’s being driven principally by politics and not by factual data or evidence that the current rule has been anything but safe.”
Governor Bill Graves
American Trucking Associations